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Do you require a driver to make a piece of hardware work? You can find every driver on this site by simply searching using the box below.

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What is a driver?

A driver is an executable file which contains the data that allows a piece of hardware to communicate with your computer.

Usually when you buy a new device such as a graphics card it will come with a CD that contains the driver.

Without a driver present for a piece of hardware you may find that your Windows operating system struggles to understand how to use it.

How to fix driver errors?

If you have a disk that came with your device then you can use that to install the driver.

Failing that, you have a high chance that you can find a downloadable copy of the driver on this website.

Copies of drivers going back to the 1990s are kept on this site and can easily be found using the search bar above.

How can this site help?

This website keeps track of 85,000+ drivers that have been released since the 1990s and are easily searched.

All you have to do is find the appropriate driver that you need for your device and use the installer to add it to your system.

You can even search by manufacturer if you know the brand of the device which is missing drivers or by starting letter.